Looking for a healthy green snack? Make your own kale chips

Save your money and make them yourself by popping kale in the oven.

How to make Kale Chips in the oven- DIY Baked Kale Chips Recipe – Healthy Vegan Snack

Kale Chips are the latest healthy crave. Though Kale Chips come at a hefty price in the store, people like them because of their health benefits over fattening potato chips. I am late on the green craze all together, but what better way to start than…

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Organic tweets


A #GlutenFree diet eliminates many foods, which you may find yourself consuming more fresh, whole & organic food! #GlutenFree #Diet #Healthy



Tip of the day: Eat local and organic food http://t.co/EKrK0IWk



I just posted Easy methods to Save With Organic Food Coupons, read it here: http://t.co/asnCObpE



Cherry-picking the organic food for health – Times of India http://t.co/0Cp2s6eZ



Stunning photography of organic food lifeforce energy via kirlian method. Organic vs Cooked http://t.co/XiIjA2Ja @RogerBezanis #raw #organic


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Uganda’s organic farmers

200,000 Ugandan farmers are doing it the organic way.  The Ugandan government is now looking to to help these farmers export some of these products.  The issue will be highlighted at this week’s Rio+20 conference in Brazil.

Uganda’s Household Farmers Become Organic Organic Food Tips


English: Uganda's Coat of arms

English: Uganda’s Coat of arms (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Four out of every five Ugandans is a small farmer who uses mostly traditional methods to grow crops without much help from chemical pesticides or synthetic.

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Rushed shopper offers a few thoughts on how to save money buying organic

Last week we mentioned the survey where a majority of Americans said they would buy organic food if it cost less.  A hurried shopper offers a couple of insights on how to save money.

Organic food for thought – MetroNews Canada

English: A honeycrisp apple from an organic fo...

English: A honeycrisp apple from an organic food farm co-op. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Seattle’s 7 acre urban food forest

Take a look at one of the largest urban gardens on publicly owned land in the United States.

User Generated Story: “Beacon Food Forest”

In Beacon Hill in Seattle, the neighborhood community has come together to build an urban food forest on seven acres of public land to grow their own organic food.. “Beacon Food Forest” by Michele Gomes and Jenny Ting is another winning film from the…


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