New bill aimed at enforcing tougher standards for organic food

Among other things, the bill:

– Grants USDA the authority to stop the sale of products fraudulently labeled and sold as certified organic while protecting the rights of producers and handlers during the appeals process.


Bill Proposes Tougher Enforcement for Organic Label

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Supporting local organic farms

 From the field to the plate, the average distance commercial food travels is over 1,000 miles. When communities make a commitment to purchase organic food grown by local sources, this greatly reduces the amount of food that must be shipped from other parts of the state, country or world.

Supporting Local Farms Benefits You, The Community & The Planet

Organic food tastes better. Unfortunately, most individuals have consumed so many foods infused with chemicals that they become accustomed to those tastes. When people switch to organic food, they are usually shocked by

Survey: more American adults would buy organic food if less expensive

Perhaps the results of this survey are not too surprising.    Nearly three in four adults surveyed said they would buy organic food if it was less expensive.

About 38 percent of those surveyed said the eating organic food “does not matter to me”, or they “don’t see the purpose”. conducted the survey.

Nearly Three-in-Four US Adults Would Be More Likely to Buy

MarketWatch – While organic food items are often the healthiest option, 45 percent of U.S. adults said they never or rarely seek out organic food items. On the flip side, …A …

Deal on organic food pouches for kids

Check out  a special offer from target.  Its a money saving coupon for organic food for children.

Target: Gerber Organic Food Pouches As Low as $0.79 Each

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