Rushed shopper offers a few thoughts on how to save money buying organic

Last week we mentioned the survey where a majority of Americans said they would buy organic food if it cost less.  A hurried shopper offers a couple of insights on how to save money.

Organic food for thought – MetroNews Canada

English: A honeycrisp apple from an organic fo...

English: A honeycrisp apple from an organic food farm co-op. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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New bill aimed at enforcing tougher standards for organic food

Among other things, the bill:

– Grants USDA the authority to stop the sale of products fraudulently labeled and sold as certified organic while protecting the rights of producers and handlers during the appeals process.


Bill Proposes Tougher Enforcement for Organic Label

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A look at urban farming – growing food on paved lots in the city

A look at how urban farming is taking root in San Diego.

Fewer shops and stores selling fresh produce and organic foods is fueling the need for innovative ways of growing crops in urban environments.

Includes a look  at how some cities are turning into “food deserts”.

The Quiet Revolution: Local, Organic, Sustainable Food in San

Some people come to this revolution because there is no convenient source of quality, organic food in their urban area (such areas, which are especially common in economically distressed neighborhoods, are called food