Organic food news roundup from around the web

Here is a look at some of the best articles and information updates from around the web today.  Enjoy.

Organic food is better for us – and its farming methods can help feed the world – Irish Times

Organic food is better for us – and its farming methods can help feed the worldIrish TimesOPINION:Conventional farming is starting to take practices from the organic book – that’s hardly anti-science, writes OLIVER MOORE. …

Has Organic Food Lost Its Roots? – New York Times (blog)

Globe and MailHas Organic Food Lost Its Roots?New York Times (blog)Why are some organic farmers disenchanted with the organic food industry?Why Your Organic Food Isn’t as Organic as It Used to BeDailyFinanceIs organic really worth it?Baltimore SunIs …

What’s Big Food Doing in the Organic Business? – (blog)

What’s Big Food Doing in the Organic Business? (blog)Big Food is taking over the organic food business and is compromising the quality and integrity of organic food along the way.Has ‘organic’ been oversized?Bend BulletinOrganic, natural ite …

Film gets to the root of eating organic produce – New Jersey Jewish Standard

Film gets to the root of eating organic produceNew Jersey Jewish StandardBrowsing the grocery shelves these days can pose weighty dilemmas: If a product is labeled “organic” does that mean it’s healthier or is it just another marketing scam? While an …

Asphalt sealer ruins chance for ‘organic’ produce – San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco ChronicleAsphalt sealer ruins chance for ‘organic’ produceSan Francisco ChronicleGardeners used to build beds of old railroad ties, which had been treated with creosote, until the health hazards of the stuff were known. […] pressure-t …

Organic food more than a fair trade – Walton Tribune

Organic food more than a fair tradeWalton TribuneMonday afternoon I had the pleasure of venturing around WhippoorWill Hollow Organic Farm as owner Andy Byrd educated me on what organic food is.and moreᅠ» …

From the blogosphere:

Will big companies change organic food, or vice versa? | Food


The study somehow managed to come to the “scientific” conclusion that people who seek out organic food are selfish jerks who wouldn’t help their own grandma across the street. This was determined by Eskine showing

5 Tips To Buy Organic Food On A Budget (And Thrive) | The


What do you do if you want to eat lots of raw food, health foods in organic quality, but you are also living on a tight budget? In this video I want to give some solid tips that will help you to eat well, but also save some money.

Local, Organic Produce at Your Doorstep | Care2 Healthy Living


I like to think I am informed when it comes to organic food. But eating healthfully on a budget is not as easy simply stopping at Safeway on the drive home.

From Twitter:


Does “organic” mean anything in the US?

Sunday, July 08, 2012 2:48:06 AM


I heard this from a nutritionist: “I would never give my children organic food and have them eat cow manure”. I cracked up!

Friday, July 13, 2012 4:33:34 PM


When It Comes To Pet Food Recalls, Can We Begin To Trust Pet Food Companies Again? @TheOrganicView Radio Show

Friday, July 13, 2012 4:32:12 PM

From Youtube:

The Men Who Made Us Fat (part 3)

Jacques Peretti examines assumptions about what is and is not healthy. He also looks at how product marketing can seduce consumers into buying supposed ‘healthy foods’ such as muesli and juices, both of which can be high in sugar. He speaks with Simo…

Leaf Organics Vegan Cafe Los Angeles

Vegan Organic Raw Food Chef Rod Rotondi, author of Raw Food for Real People, Founder of leaf organics vegan cafe – Follow us on Twitter: website:

Organic Health Insurance Phil McGrath of McGrath Family Farms recounts his family’s history in farming and the conscious shift toward organic produce.

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